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Characteristics of media messages:
i came across this video on facebook recently, and all my girlfriends were tagging and sharing it with their friends. Was reminded by this week’s lesson on the characteristics of media messages.

The video is to spread to people the best way for girls to lose weight! i felt that it fulfilled more than 4 of the characteristics of media messages, but not exactly every aspects of it. They are institutional sources, invisible receivers , interposed channels and non exclusivity and temporal.

Firstly, for the institutional sources, it is referred as  messages are the products of complex organisations composed of individuals who performed specialized functions, they are created at great expense. In the video, the usage of pink exercise device is placed at a very significant area and it caught the many attention of the public. After some curious people tried on it, they realized that Neon lights were used and portrayed on the building. Drivers who are driving on the highway can see the moving image. All these are created at a great expense.

Secondly, it is the invisible receivers. Basically, under this category we have little or no direct with the media sources or large, heterogeneous and anonymous; media messages cannot be individualized. Receivers’ relationship with sources is voluntary and communication can be terminated at will; competition with other media and forms of communication. This video has no direct connection with and media sources, just plainly using attention getter method to catch the attention of the public. The media messages is to convey it to all girls or people that is very health conscious. The receivers’ relationship is very voluntary and has no forms of competition with any media and it is also not contract based.

Thirdly, the characteristics of media message will be the interposed channels.Under this category we have different media employs different technology to transmit and/or receive messages. Interposed channels requires access to technologies and skills to encode and decode the message. I feel that the video did not fulfill this aspect at all. However, just FYI:)

Lastly, messages are transmitted publicly, often timed to reach most audience members simultaneously and transient in character. This is called the non-exclusivity and temporal. The video did not exactly fulfill this criteria also. Yes! the message is being transmitted publicly, but in a unique manner not exactly the traditional method. This is not exactly timed but it is a very fresh way of conveying a message across.

Hence, i feel that although it did not fulfill all 4 of the characteristics but the objective is met Message is conveyed, public got a hands on experience of at least exercising a little. Not only people around the area saw the message but it broadens out to people who are further out due to the neon lights showing on the building:) This is indeed a new and fresh way in portraying and conveying in message. Eye-catching and attention seeking method indeed allow objective to be met:)


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the Individualism/Collectivism dimension describes the degree to which a culture relies on and has allegiance to the self — or the group.

In collectivist cultures, a person’s identity is wrapped up in their group, so they’re more likely to favor promoting group harmony than expressing their contrary personal opinion.


Recently, i was reading the newspaper and was thinking if Singapore should be placed under individulism or collectivism?

According to the chracteristics of a collectivist society:
– High Interpendence
– Interpersonal Sensitivity
– Conformity
– Readiness to be influenced by others
– Mutual Sympathy
– Self sacrifice for ingroup members
– One or two ingroups

Whereas for an individualist, they tend to look at:

– Freedom
– Honesty
– Comfort
– Reward distribution based on individual performance.

Personally i feel that Singapore is a collectivist society, especially when it comes to the conformity aspect. Conformity is seen everywhere, be it schools, workplace, family. Nobody wants to be a loner or a unique person, hence conformity is always around when it comes to our Singapore society. The two examples that will prove that Singapore is a collectivist society will be Singapore’s child and the relationship between the student and teacher.

Firstly, from a Singapore child context, children are raised to stay within the family. From early infancy on, children are conditioned to be apart of the group and to learnt to stay within the group. The Singaporean child slowly becomes an adult belongs to a tightly- knit group.  They are not expected to cut off previous relationships. On the other hand, decisions are made by the elderly. Children are expected to obey and respect their elders and care for them when they get older. In addition to the pursuit of knowledge, schools train children to be a caring group. They eat, sing and play together.

Finally, it is very normal for students to show respect to their teachers. However, Singapore students do not openly ask questions in class for they are afraid that they will “throw face”. In other words, they will wait until after class when they are alone, then they will go and ask their teachers. Teachers help students with all kinds of problems: personal, social, and emotional. Definitely academic work as well. However, they just do not socialize with them as equals. Hence proving the point of interpersonal sensitivity.

In conclusion, family’s moral influences and schools’ education led Singaporeans to be collectivist.

communication groups.

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I came across this picture on facebook just a few days ago. Just to brighten up our hectic week filled with exams and assignments:)

Basically this picture above reminded me of why do we need to communicate in groups? Well, from the lowest waged to the highest waged jobs, is always necessary to be a team-player. There are no jobs that you will need to work alone and eventually accomplishing everything. Even for a “garang guni” ( a person that collects old goods) to a CEO of a famous company, it is always essential that people work together to get something done. When there are people, there’s bound to be communications involved.

From the picture above, between the translator and the PM, the communication was initially successful. However, sometimes unpredictable circumstances do happen. Not only in global situations, in small campus groups or cliques these misunderstandings or mis-communications will happen as well.

Potential group problems can be solved through effective group interactions. It is almost the same as the methods in making a friend, depending on each other, having common interest, common goal as well as a common identity. These are points that provide a good friendship. Similarly, these are the points that proved the characteristics of a group. Similarly, in groups, sometimes chemistry is very important in maintaining the relationship in order to achieve the goals. Taking my current group for example, from the test that we did. We did not achieve the best chemistry or the best dynamics within the group which may not provide us with the advantage of achieving the best. However, i believed that we will be able to challenge ourselves and maximize our potential to the very best. Hence, getting the best group dynamics within ourselves.

In my opinion, i felt that there is a need for members not only to play their role in the group, but also able to be very flexible as well as versatile in acquiring a different role in the group. Acquiring such behavior would help the group in accomplishment of task. All these may sound pretty simple, even easier said then done. However, when it comes to relationship between humans? There are definitely complications because different expectations would arouse from each individuals. Once it is not lived up to the other party expectations, disappointment would occur causing relationships to be scarred slightly. When similar things escalates or accumulated, relationships may scar even further and that’s when maintenance roles would come into play:)

karen mok and fiance

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Recently, i came across this article on lianhe zaobao, Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok announced that she will be marrying her German boyfriend Johannes in October 11, when she got on stage to receive the Best Female Mandarin Singer at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, reported Taiwan media. This article reminded me of the lessons that we had this week and is all about relationship and how to communicate with your other half.(be it good or bad, beneficial or taking advantage).

What actually caught my eyes was her reply towards the reporters.

“It’s all fate. The time has come, I met the right person so I’m getting married,” How will you ever know that he is the right person for you? how do you know that in the future divorcing each other to lead a better life wouldn’t be discussed? Why is it him when there are so many other guys that appeared in her life?

According to Mok, she first met Johannes, who holds a senior position in a financial institution, when she was just 17.He was her first boyfriend.They were both studying at a university in Italy but Mok broke up with him after dating him for a year. What was the problem back then? Why is it that after such a long time they finally got back together and decided to get married now? These are the few questions that really got me pondering.

There are many things that could happened in a relationship. During the last lesson, we were asked to choose the top 3 most harmful aspects that could affect a relationship! In my opinion, having unrealistic expectation is a very BIG NO NO in a relationship. Imagine engaging in a very serious conversation such as building a family, financial stability, career opportunities. At this very moment one party suggested an unrealistic idea such as buying a car when the financial status is not there. How would you feel if such situation occurred to you? Will you take it like,” Awwwww…. it’s really a cute thought there” or will you feel that ” Heyy! That’s a pretty dumb thing to be said.” Financial security is vital in a marriage as well as a relationship. Do you think a long distance relationship can be considered as a realistic relationship?

In my opinion, i felt that is a big no no towards a long distance relationship. Spending time with the person in that particular place, yes it indeed will be able to “increase positive associations, friendships, intimacy as well as gain support.” Especially when two people are able to click instantly even with the many “barriers” placed in between them. It is something remarkable and rare. However, a long distance relationship is very unrealistic as everything seems to be like a dream come true. Indulging in a love so rich, we tend to neglect the many details and aspects of reality. There are moments when we are left with nothing but just you and me in this wonderland. Moments when love conquers all, seemed to make most sense. Freedom felt so near, bond  held so dear. Living in such indulgence felt so real. However, when money and everything else start crashing in, the truth and the reality was hard to hear.

Hence towards this case of Mok and her German boyfriend, to be able to meet once again and reignite the flame of love is indeed something worth to be envy about. Past may not be an important factor in their current life. However, reality may once again haunt them in the future. ( In 2000, she found out that Johannes was married with three children.Johannes eventually got divorced and the pair became lovers again some two years ago.)

Body language 101

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Power of nonverbal communication.

How do we learn to decode a stranger, claiming whether he/she is approachable or not? How do you know if your friends are happy or sad? how do you know if you are able to pull through the day without pulling a long face along the way? How do you know if this girl is interested in you? how do you know if she wants to know more about you? Body language is defined as a form of non-verbal communication, which consist of body postures, gestures, facial expressions and eye movement. Here are a few general tips about body language, in general.

AVOIDING EYE CONTACT:  avoidance, lying, nervousness, or showing non-interest.

INTENSE EYE CONTACT:  attempt to intimidate, anger, showing authoritative position or serious listening

TOUCHING THE FACE OR FIDGETING: nervousness, lack of confidence, submission

ClENCHED FIST:  nervous, angry, tolerating nonsense and is reaching to a brim.

SHAKING THE HEAD OR TURNING AWAY: frustration, disagreement, disbelief

General Indicators of common behaviors:

LYING: constantly clearing throat or swallowing, rapid blinking, sticking tongue between lips to moisten them, fingers constantly touching the face or areas of the face, avoiding eye contact

ANGER:  fists clenched, unconsciously kicking up dust (people actually do this), incessant eye blinking, fingers gripping an edge of an object or an elbow

AUTHORITY:  eyes maintaining contact with yours and never looking below the mouth, firm handshake with fingers pointing downward, reverse straddling a chair, leaning back in a chair with head supported by the hands

NERVOUSNESS/DOUBTFUL:  chewing on nails, lips, pen tops; touching of the neck; hands rubbing the small of the back; fingers squeezing the palm of the opposite hand.

All of the above may seem really general but many conflicts occured because of all these really basic things and because people are really insensitive and ignorant towards all these behaviors.

Read girls for dummies:)

If your girl aint talking or aint responding to any of your hints, please don’t be oblivious and insensitive. Here are a few tips that could help you guys out there( Please do not be obsessed:) ) train yourself, learn to read more than just the obvious body language save those headaches:)

Ok to proceed according to plan:

1. Shoulder orientation is one of the most obvious signs of attraction, simply because this gesture is the most common nonverbal indicator of interest that almost all women frequently use. Her upper body will most likely be facing you if she is interested with her shoulders facing you.

2. Leaning forward is an easy sign to pick up, and is a very strong sign that the woman leaning towards you is attracted to you.

3. Smile. Guys, if all of a sudden your lame jokes became really funny to one individual woman. Catch that hint alright, because she is either interested in you or her sense of humor is just plain high, which is highly possible.

Woman/girls out there, Please be wary of your actions as well. Dont drop the wrong hints alright!

The No No Plans:

1. Crossing her arms is a tell-tale sign that she is either agitated, nervous, uncomfortable or just does not like you. When you see a woman display this gesture, it is time to change your strategy, and quick.

2. The “lean back” is the most dreaded sign in all female body language. If she is leaning away from you and it is very noticeable, my advice is to forget her and move on to your next prospect. Even worse is what I call the “sudden lean back” which occurs when you lean in towards her. If you lean in, and at that exact moment she quickly leans back away as if to maintain a fair distance between the two of you, this is a sign that she has no interest in you at all, and most likely never will.

Guys, if such things happened, please please take it slow and try not to be discouraged alrights:)

Love and relationships are never like the movies no matter how much we want them to be. But when something beautiful ends, for whatever reason, it’s most important not to be disappointed that it’s over, but glad that it happened at all.


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The headline is a beautiful play of words.

Save Trees. Trees save.

This is a very catchy ad for a karate school.

The copy says: “Harry’s bread.  Nice and Soft.”  Indeed.

A very interesting print ad by Frizz skin salon.  Catchy.

Thank God the zoom was invented…

And here is one of the best anti-smoking ad, released by Cancer Patients Aid Association

A“Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign by Vasir breweries on their beer bottle caps.
Upon opening the bottle, the car printed on the cap appears bent, and on reverse we have the simple slogan.  Very simple but effective.

I came across this email that my friend sent it to me a week ago, which i find it pretty interesting. Coincidentally it coincides really well with the lesson during that week about the perceptions of human communications.

To me for an advertisement to be able to reach out to the public, it has to be closely related to the life’s of those who has interaction with the product and yet has a fun and creative side to it. I felt that creativity plays a really important role in the non-verbal communication. Sometimes for a good and effective advert to work out, the perceptions and the stereotypes that we imposed in the different types of object or people allows the consumer or the viewer of the advertisement to understand. At the same time, giving an impact and a deep impression in them. The most important characteristic of a non-verbal communication is to make sure that it is receiver oriented. Because it is the receiver who will  attach meaning to nonverbal cues. Hence, steoreotype as well as having the perception of different kind of thing bring us to the next characteristic in a nonverbal communication, which is that it needs to be with socially agreed upon or carries a culturally defined meaning.

To me, perception is the cognitive process, whereby we piece two things together such as a noun and an adverb and then come to a conclusion of a stereotype or an impression of something that will leave to become a stubborn mindset. Perception always come after judge. Although it is not right to judge but we look at things with a first impression and naturally judging comes into the picture.

I once heard that a poster advertisement has as long as the entire day to catch the attention of the people, however for a TV advertisement it is only first 7 seconds that viewers would actually come to a decision whether they would like to continue watching the advertisement or switch the channel or even worse, just flipping channels to channels just to avoid it.

Linking to my previous paragraph the first impression is always very important. Especially in the world of nonverbal communication all forms of channels play a very important first impression for many. Various brands may turn famous because of this seven seconds , some may forever be kept unknown because of the seven seconds as well.

Sign language verbal or non-verbal

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In this week’s lesson,we went through verbal and non verbal communication. I’m pretty puzzled which category should sign language be placed in? Sign language is when people use their hands to make words and talk with their hands. so if sign language replaces words…and if verbal communication is to communicating with words, is sign language verbal?

Right now at this very moment, I’m still pondering about this question. Hence, i did a little research about it,  verbal in this sense does not mean with the voice, it means with words, so sign language should be included in verbal. Non verbal is taken to mean the additional (mostly unintentional) communication, you can communicate your mood through your posture, your gaze, even your choice of clothing. These are considered as non verbal.

verbal = with words/language
non verbal= body language

Well, i believed many have watched this drama on cable or on channel u.

Moonlight Resonance(溏心风暴之家好月圆)

Basically how the whole story went is that Chung Siu Hor and her husband Kam Tai Jo have been working hard for many years to establish a good reputation for their bakery. However, Hor discovers that Jo committed adultery with her best friendYan Hong and decided to file for a divorce. Hor brings along her children Kam Wing Ho, Kam Wing Hing, and her adopted daughter Suen Ho Yuet to set up another bakery for a living. This drama revolves around the human nature, family bonds, and love of the two families consisting many politics going on within.

i can’t help but noticed the mute daughter, Kam Wing Hing. In many circumstances , there’s a disadvantage to be unable to verbalize whatever that is needed to be expressed. There’s  a scene where she was looking for jobs but employers are still unable to accept them because there is a communication barrier in between which will cause many hiccups to happen. In Singapore the same thing is happening to people with hearing impairment.

Personal Experience

In my 3 years of poly life. i’ve joined the Hi-club which is called the hearing impaired club. This is a club where students get to learn sign language and very quickly mastering the skill of signing and talk with their hands.(verbal) 

Having to experience this, opened my doors to a whole new different side of the world which is the world of silence. We have performances that invites the hearing impaired to enjoy music just like how we would.


After mastering the skill of sign language, i was given the opportunity to become an interpreter for many events. Being an interpreter isn’t a very easy task. Through interpreting i realized that miscommunications would arouse because when ‘talking’, emotions need to be put in as well.

For example,

The sentence, ‘ I want that’ when talking there are many variations of tone that can be put into it. However in signing it is just plainly monotonous. That’s when facial expressions and emotions(non-verbal) need to be put in when conversing with a hearing impaired.

On a side-note, sign language is not generalized. Different countries have different languages, sign language differs in other countries as well. In class, we learnt that with a different background, culture as well as language, miscommunication is bound to happen, likewise its the same for the hearing impaired.

In the world of silence, the freedom of expressing through the mouth is being imprisoned. On the other hand, we are captives of our own thoughts, stuck in the world of noises.( From a psychological perspective) Too taken aback by our inner voices, it led us to lose the ability in verbalizing our thoughts. Hence do you think that made us similar to the hearing impaired or even allowing us to empathize the situation they are in?

Sign-language- listen with eyes, talk with hands.

Extracted from The Sunday Times, 11th September 2011.

It mentioned about how the hearing impaired is being neglected in the midst of the hassle of political matters this year. Even during the National Day Rally, there’s no interpreter for them to obtain first hand information about the country.

For the hearing impaired, interpreters are the bridge for them to be able to know what the world is going on. i felt that this issue could be prevented as professional interpreters should be able to hear and convey the message immediately. Communication in such context should be taken into serious preparation as important information should be effectively communicated to the audience, especially when it is on national level.